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Feed the Hungry

To build the nation we have to build it from the inner side of the country. Every year nearly 68% of death are because of malnutrition and hunger.

These are not because of the scarcity of resources but because of the supply chain and feed the need and hunger.

Your small contribution can support building a strong nation by feeding the needy and the hunger which helps them to survive from hunger deaths and malnutrient diseases.

Build the Tomorrow

Educate the Children who are tomorrow's future. Education is the key thing in building the future of the nation. Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to learn. We endeavour to provide children with an eco-friendly environment by which they can fulfil their dreams.

Medical Facilities & Ambulance Service

Maintaining good health has become a struggling thing for most members. Not everyone can afford good medical facilities even now. Still good medic is a dream for several members you can help them to achieve it by a small amount of contribution.

Several accidental victims are losing their lives just because they are not getting treatment in time.

Protecting our Heritage

Becoming support for the old age who are our heritage and helping them at their helpless moment. Most of them are shelterless and becoming everything for them even from shelter to food cloth and their daily caretaking You small contribution can help them.